“Horse Listener” How Horses Taught Me to Work

I was recently interviewed for an article in the “Rolf Journal”, a publication for Rolfers of Structural Integration. The article titled “Horse Listener, Horses Taught Me to Work”, reflects how horses have become my greatest teachers, by awakening my intuition and allowing me to become a better listener. It is a very subtle way of listening to the a body and mind on a physical and spiritual level.

This work is for the person that would like to connect at a deeper level and allow themselves to hear the unspoken language of communication, allowing the body to tell you what it needs. As a body worker, you can learn to listen with your hands and your intuition.

Horse Listener vs Horse Whisperer

Please don’t confuse “Horse Whisperer” with term “Horse Listener”. The term “Horse Whisperer” which is mostly connected to natural horsemanship training, getting the horse to partner up and respond with subtle cues. The person is in control.

Whereas the “Horse Listener”, is where the horse is allowed to become the teacher.

This work is not just for horse lovers or for health and wellness professionals, it speaks to finding the truth of your heart and soul.

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